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Naturalist. Horticulturist. Field botanist. Ornithologist. Which is just a fancy way of saying I’m a plant nut, a gardening nut, a bird nut, a bug nut, a nature nut. Oh, and I’m also a writer, editor, consultant, public speaker, music lover, and vicious Scrabble player :)


June 20, 2014

WELCOME! It's great to see you! How are things in your corner of the world? Just ducky, we hope :) Bet you're spending a lot of time outside these days, just like we are. How's your garden? How're your hummingbirds? How's that grill, and what time is dinner? ;)

Here, we're so happy that it's finally Porch Time! So nice to sit outside these long evenings ("Wait, let me go grab a sweater, gettin’ chilly”), with the nighthawks swooping overhead, just being quiet and listening to the hermit thrushes down by the creek singing the day to sleep.

Still feel so lucky every single day... :)

WHAT?! You're going without MEEE?!

“Gonna walk up to the rock.”


Yep, I was whimpering again, even though I'm not one of those people who has to be glued with their partner in every activity.

But the rock... That's special. Right above the High Meadow, maybe my faorite spot on our whole place.

And I haven't been up there yet this spring.

Wrenched my knee gardening a few weeks ago, and while it’s way better than at first, it still reminds me, “Hey, take it easy,” every day.

So, no, my knee isn't up to that hike. Yet.

So I was mighty jealous. Because I love to go on walks with Matt. And the high rock, which we call Baseball Rock because, well, it’s round, is just a short way from the high meadow. And I knew the high meadow would be full of all sorts of wonderful flowers.

Spent way too much time feeling sorry for myself after he left. Well, okay, maybe 5 minutes, until I got involved in my own project at home. Digging, natch.

When he came back, first question: "What's blooming in the high meadow?”

“Didn’t go. Not until you can get there, too.”


And he took all sorts of cool pics, so I could see what he saw.

Including the very special aspens on the side of the mountain. See what letter they make? :)


First thing you see when you come to the opening of the High Meadow is this mountain, straight ahead. It was Matt who pointed out what letter the aspens make among the pines ;)

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Second visit in broad daylight. Had to do something to discourage this guy, who's almost completely unafraid of us.


After the bear (who comes right up on our porch, ACK!) left the first time, Matt dug out an old police siren and hooked it up to use as a bear scare.

Great idea, except for one problem—the siren & control were out on the porch, 6 ft away from the bear, when he came back the second time. Oops...


After Mr. Bear left this latest time, Matt put the siren on the roof and the controls inside. Now we're ready! lol


On a happier note, the wildflowers are still going strong. This is golden banner in our sit-around-a-fire area. Smells wonderful!