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"Sally Roth is one of the most talented nature writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Everything she writes is an absolute delight, and this book is no different. Get ready to be entertained while gaining a whole new knowledge and appreciation of birds."

—Stacy Tornio, Editor, Birds & Blooms magazine


My favorite book, ever!

But it's not mine alone—this book was a family affair. And a labor of love, start to finish.

You're going to love it!

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My usual publishers weren't interested in a "Christian book," even though we explained it's not religious. So we did it ourselves. We are so grateful and so humbled by everyone's support. THANK YOU!

Oh man, NEVER before have I been so thrilled about a book! Fun to read, if we do say so ourselves, but a serious book with tons of solid research behind it.

What's it about? It's a bird book, with a twist. It uses Biblical scriptures as a jumping-ff point to explain the natural habits and behavior of the birds mentioned in the Bible and their North American counterparts—including the very behavior in those verses.

It's the science behind the Scriptures :)

You'll find every Bible verse that mentions a bird, and how that verse can be understood by knowing the bird's real-life behavior.

Ever wonder why a rain of quail fell onto the starving Israelites on their Exodus? And why ravens were the best choice to make sure Elijah got fed? We even managed to figure out the exact species of the dove Noah sent out from the Ark, based on behavior. And lots, lots more!

What a fun project. So much love in every page.

Illustrations throughout, and beautiful painting on cover, by Heather Dieter Bartmann. Hand-drawn calligraphy titles by Lou Bartmann.

Yep, it's a family thing. And you're going to love it :)

Want a Peek?
Funny How Things Work

Just when we were waiting for the first big box of printed copies to be delivered, we happened to come across a big white pelican—one of the birds in this book—who needed some help.

He was sitting in a meadow way up here in the mountains, far from any lake.

"Must be hurt!"

We stopped, of course. Ended up taking him home for an overnight stay, then to a wonderful rehab place, Greenwood (www.greenwoodwildlife. org), near Lyons, Colorado.

Guess what? Pelicans can bite. Hard. And those wings are no joke, either; they're easily 6 feet across and incredibly strong.

But it was the beak that got our hearts pounding—our pelican guy had about a 5-foot reach with that long neck. It was like having a crocodile in our house.

That's him, resting comfortably here at our place, his favorite piece of fish nestled nearby.

You can read more about our whole pelican escapade by clicking this link.


I thought he'd be our friend forever—like Daniel in the lion's den—but turned out he just wanted to bite us. Poor scared hurt guy. So happy to report that our pelican fully recovered in the caring hands of Greenwood Wildlife Rehab and was released back to the wild :)

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon Review

Educational and Entertaining!

This is perhaps the most engaging educational book that I have ever read, while bringing together multiple subject matters that I am interested in. Whether you enjoy learning about biblical history, birds, or just enjoy an entertaining and educational read, this book will be enjoyable for you. —Ultra09

Why “An Eye on the
Everything under the Sun

Geography, history, science, music, dyes, food, and, of course, birds—it's all in An Eye on the Sparrow.

Here's a little sample of the index, to give you an idea how far and wide we ranged in writing this book ;)

And now the most important
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