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After we wrote the story of Snowflake, our oddball leucistic chickadee, for the Birds page... He came back!

He's been here every day, visiting frequently to snatch another peanut.

And Matt even managed to get his picture, which is not an easy thing to do with any chickadee. Those little guys move fast.

Meet our newest feeder friend, Snowflake :)

(And read all about him on the Birds page.)







November already! How'd that happen? Seems like it was just September.

Ever wonder why it seems like the weeks just fly by, and the months, too?

Brace yourself—it's because we're getting older.

Remember when you were a kid, and whatever special day you were waiting for—Christmas, or summer vacation, or your birthday—seemed like it would never get here?

The time just dragged on and on. Each day felt like a week, even if you X'd them off on a calendar.

And, boy, by the time you managed to X off a whole week, wow, that felt like a really big deal.

And now—well, it's Friday again before you know it. "Was that a week ago?" Matt and I often ask each other. "Or two weeks? A month?"


A beautiful hand-drawn calendar I found in an old school notebook that once belonged to Solon Schwoyer, a fellow from Berks County, PA...



It's not an illusion. Time really does go faster the older we get.

At age 6, a stretch of two months, say, is 1/16th of the entire time we've been alive.

At age 60, two months is 1/160th of the time we've been alive.

That "proportional time" effect is what makes the weeks fly by faster and faster, the older we get.

The length of time we've already lived is way, wayyyy longer than it was when we were kids waiting for Christmas. So any length of time seems, and is, much shorter—proportionately speaking.

Doesn't hold true when we're talking about just a single day, though. Or maybe it's just not so apparent, because, come to think of it, I well remember how the school day seemed to last forever. And nowadays I look at the clock and say, "Wow, it's 2 o'clock already! How'd that happen?"

How many days til Christmas? It'll be here before you know it.




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